Saturday, June 26, 2010

White House meeting

White House meeting



This is a big week. Tomorrow, President Obama is bringing a bipartisan group of Senate energy leaders to the White House to craft a clean energy bill in response to the Gulf oil disaster. And afterward, on Thursday, the Senate Democratic Caucus will meet again to decide its course of action.

But in the face of pressure from corporate lobbyists, there's a very real chance that the Senate will wind up with a bill of half-measures, slapping a band-aid over the approximately 3 million barrels spilled into the Gulf so far, while ignoring the untold damage we cause by consuming over 2,000 times as much oil every year. We have to address the underlying causes of our addiction to dirty energy, not just the symptoms -- and as President Obama said earlier this month, "The only way the transition to clean energy will ultimately succeed ... is by finally putting a price on carbon pollution."

Join Repower America and 17 other organizations in signing an urgent letter to President Obama and Senate energy leaders demanding they make comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation a reality -- and we will deliver your signatures directly to the White House.

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Nearly one full year after the House of Representatives passed comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation, the President is calling on the Senate to find consensus and pass a bill that addresses America's addiction to fossil fuels.

But time is running out to pass this legislation before Capitol Hill grinds to a halt in August so lawmakers can campaign for the November midterm elections -- even as oil may still be still pouring into the Gulf. To adequately address the disaster on our hands, this legislation must accomplish four essential goals:
  1. Respond directly to the Gulf oil disaster to begin to remedy the damage and hold BP accountable
  2. Reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels
  3. Set limits on carbon pollution
  4. Improve energy efficiency and expand renewable energy production
Our letter to the President and Senate leaders emphasizes these essential points and stresses the need to include them in a comprehensive climate and clean energy bill, and pass this bill as soon as possible. Seventeen partner organizations have already signed on, but that's not enough: We also need as many citizen co-signers as possible to demonstrate to our leaders in Washington that Americans all across the country demand a comprehensive solution.

Read the letter and add your name before the White House clean energy meeting tomorrow.

Thanks for your work to help America get the strong bill we deserve,

Maggie L. Fox
Chief Executive Officer
The Climate Protection Action Fund

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Demand a Strong Senate Energy Bill

The growing Gulf Coast oil disaster is a result of America's addiction to dirty fossil fuels. President Obama is meeting with Senate leaders to hammer out a clean energy bill in the wake of this tragedy.

Join Repower America and 17 other organizations in demanding that the Senate pass comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation.

Add your name to sign the letter to President Obama and Senate energy leaders.


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Dear President Obama and Senators Jeff Bingaman, Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell, Tom Carper, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, Richard Lugar, Lisa Murkowski, Harry Reid, Debbie Stabenow, and the rest of the U.S. Senate,

I am writing to express my firm belief that the most effective response to BP's Deepwater Oil Disaster is the swift passage of comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation.
The tragedy unfolding in the Gulf underscores the need for America to end our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels, and only a comprehensive bill that sets clear limits on carbon pollution will break the cycle of addiction. We must take aggressive steps to deal with the immediate consequences of the oil spill, but we must also use this opportunity to address the underlying causes and prevent future disasters like this one.
Clean energy will create jobs, strengthen our national security, and ensure America's prosperity and leadership in the 21st century.
As the Gulf Coast oil disaster continues with no end in sight, I urge you to pass comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation that includes:
A direct response to the tragedy in the Gulf and its causes. This should include remediation and assistance for affected Gulf States and initial reform of offshore drilling regulation.
A reduction in U.S. dependence on oil. This should set ambitious national targets for reducing America's dangerous dependence on oil and direct the President to meet these goals using existing authority as well as new provisions.
Limits on carbon pollution. These limits are essential to mobilize the level of investment required to build the clean energy economy Americans want.
Improved energy efficiency and expanded renewable energy production through either an ambitious electricity efficiency resource standard or strong efficiency improvements from electric and gas companies.
The failings of the status quo are literally right before our eyes. The American people deserve a bill that responds to the immediate tragedy in the Gulf, but also moves us away from oil dependence and establishes critical incentives to transition to a clean energy economy.
Anything less would be insufficient in the face of the unprecedented, colossal tragedy before us.



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