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Devex began as a student project at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in the year 2000. Today, our social enterprise has become the largest provider of business intelligence and recruitment services to the development community; serving a majority of the world’s leading donor agencies, companies, NGOs and development professionals.
With a mission to bring greater efficiency to international development, our global team works to provide innovative products and services to address the needs of each member of our development community. As a development professional or organization working in the field of international development, humanitarian relief and global health, we invite you to join us on
  • Over 230,000development professionals in our network
  • 300+ leading organizations are Executive Members
  • 100 staff in four offices: Barcelona, Manila, Tokyo, and Washington DC (headquarters)

Devex is for development professionals

Devex hosts the most popular job board in the international development industry and provides news, expert advice and more to help individual professionals advance their development career.

Devex is for development organizations

Devex is the main source of business information related to foreign assistance, including tenders, project information, business advice and news from the World Bank, UNDP, USAID, DFID, ADB, and more. We also offer recruitment services specially designed for international development positions.
To all of you whose support has helped to build and grow this social enterprise, please accept our deepest thanks and appreciation. We hope you will join our global network and consider becoming a member of our group.

Our Vision

Each year, international development agencies such as the World Bank and foundations such as the Gates Foundation spend over 200 billion Euros on projects to improve lives in the developing world. We are doing our small part to empower the professionals who implement these projects to spend each of those euros, dollars, pounds, and yen more efficiently toward more effective development projects.
It's time to open up the development industry to new participants and ideas – by creating partnerships among firms and NGOs from around the world and by increasing the involvement of the people of the developing world. It's time to spend more money on the development projects themselves and less on administrative expenses. It's time that we ensure development assistance truly brings about development.
We know that today’s international development professionals are seeking out innovative tools to make their work more efficient and effective, rather than just relying on old methods of doing business. That’s why we have a vision to "Do Good. Do It Well.™" by supporting all of you who make development happen. We are a small, focused organization and we are striving to be your first resource and your long-term partner for improving lives in the developing world.
We are working to connect all international development professionals in this global network, and we invite you tojoin us.

Introduction to Wave & Tidal Energy Conversion Training : OREC


Introduction to Wave & Tidal Energy Conversion Training

September 25, 2010 by TMarieHilton  
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GL Garrad Hassan Training
Date: October 26th
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Information: A one day course for professionals who wish to increase their knowledge of the key issues associated with wave and tidal energy conversion technologies. A detailed overview of the fundamental principles behind the main technological solutions to convert wave and tidal energy into electricity will be given, along with the key methodologies to evaluate the energy resource, device site suitability and device data. In addition, hydrodynamic modelling techniques (both numerical and experimental), details of several power conversion mechanisms
and an account of full-scale real seas experience to date will also be covered.
For further information on the course, please go to:
If you have any questions or would like to register, please contact Andrew Brown, Training Manager on


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