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2017/04/11 に公開

此是迄今唯一在YouTube上鄧麗君在1985年12月15日在日本東京NHK大會堂演唱會最完整的視頻,包括全部29首歌曲. This is the only YouTube video thus far to field the complete concert by Teresa Teng at NHK Hall, in Tokyo, Japan, on December 15, 1985, including all 29 songs. 「テレサ・テンNHK東京コンサート(1985年12月15日)」の全29曲を含む唯一のYouTube上のヴィデオです。 The source DVD of this concert does not come with three of the four English songs. I have added the absent ones in the line-up. Because Teresa Teng's concert song lyrics are different from those sung in studio recordings, extra time has been spent in authenticating and pairing them with the correct Romaji and pinyin wherever applicable, and translating them into English, before placing them on the video screen. Lyrics are copyright of their respective owners. Romaji or pinyin and English translations are contributed by eric35yt, Masami Yamashita (征美) and HKships4TeresaTeng2. The editing of this 5.11 GB video took 200+ hours of my free time to complete.

The first upload of this video in my channel on June 2, 2013 was stolen along with all the background information and uploaded by someone in China. The current upload with additional editing is the second upload of this video. The ROC flag placement is my attempt to stop video thieving in China where it is not sanctioned by YT’s Community Guidelines.

My motive is not for, nor does it yield, commercial gain but to bring the artistry of Teresa Teng (January 29, 1953 to May 8, 1995), who was and still is, in the hearts of millions, a super star throughout South East Asia and the Chinese speaking world, to a wider world audience and to educate and inform both old and new fans about this remarkable and unique talent.

It is my honor to dedicate this video to two Japanese gentlemen, eric35yt and Masami Yamashita (征美). eric35yt is a retired Distinguished Professor of Economics at a few leading universities in the United States. I have known him since September, 2007. He and I used to discuss Japanese enkas and I often joked with him about "Teresa Teng enkas". Many of my early video uploads on YouTube had his fingerprints. Similarly, after my first video upload on YT on December 7, 2007, Mr. Masami Yamashita (征美) helped me with the background research of the Japanese originals of Teresa Teng's Chinese songs for several months. He later uploaded videos onto YT in tandem with me. Those familiar with "our history" should have seen the English translations of Teresa Teng's Japanese songs in his YT channels (Masami43, Masami43A, Masami43B) and mine, and the numerous video responses between our channels. For this video, as I do not know the Japanese language, Mr. Masami Yamashita (征美) has also provided several dozen hours of support in the correct placements of the Japanese Romaji and the translation from Japanese to English on the video screen.

(-*) Japanese Romaji or Chinese pinyin and English translation by ..
00:37 01 空港 - *eric35yt
05:15 02 アカシアの夢(組曲) -* Masami Yamashita (征美)
06:44 03 ふるさとはどこですか (「小村之戀」日語版) (組曲)-* eric35yt
07:59 04 女の生きがい(組曲) -* Masami Yamashita (征美)
08:58 05 雪化粧(「冬之戀情」 日語版) (組曲) - *Masami Yamashita (征美)
10:15 06 夜のフェリーボート (「你在我心中」日語版)(組曲)-* eric35yt
13:10 07 船歌 (國語)Boat Song (Mandarin) -*HKships4TeresaTeng2
17:32 08 海韻 (國語)Ocean Rhythm (Mandarin) -* HKships4TeresaTeng2
20:49 09 何日君再來 (國語) When Will You Return (Mandarin) -* HKships4TeresaTeng2
25:54 10 釜山港ヘ帰れ --* Masami Yamashita (征美)
29:54 11 浪花節だよ人生は -* eric35yt
33:04 12 北国の春(日語)/我和你(國語)Spring of The North (Japanese)/Me And You (Mandarin) -* Masami Yamashita (征美) /HKships4TeresaTeng2
37:12 13 夜來香 (國語) Fragrance Of The Night (Mandarin) -* HKships4TeresaTeng2
40:44 14 A GOOD HEART
1:03:09 18 つぐない -* eric35yt
1:06:43 19 乱されて -* Masami Yamashita (征美)
1:10:06 20 ミッドナイト・レクイエム - *Masami Yamashita (征美)
1:13:58 21 愛人 - * eric35yt
1:19:36 22 ノスタルジア(「不著痕跡」日語版) -* Masami Yamashita (征美)
1:23:37 23 今でも...(「天外天上天無涯」日語版) -* Masami Yamashita (征美)
1:28:35 24 ジェルソミーナの歩いた道 -* Masami Yamashita (征美)
1:37:12 25 梅花(清唱) Mei Hua (Mandarin cappella) -* HKships4TeresaTeng2
1:38:21 26 漫步人生路(清唱)Slow Walk On Life's Path (Cantonese cappella) -* HKships4TeresaTeng2
1:39:31 27 東山飄風雨西山晴(清唱) East Mountain Rainy West Mountain Sunny (Cantonese cappella) -* HKships4TeresaTeng2
1:40:19 28 你怎麼說(清唱) What Are You Going To Say (Mandarin cappella) -* HKships4TeresaTeng2
1:41:52 29 愛人(輕快版)- * eric35yt
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