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Largest Aquarium in the world - Churaumi - Okinawa


Largest Aquarium in the world - Churaumi - Okinawa

mpapaj | 2007年05月08日
Here it is -- the whale shark -- in Okinawa, Japan.




  • this guy is a fully functioning retard
  • Y'know, listening to him say Steve Irwin brand of rays, I don't think he actually meant an insult. I think he really was just wondering if those were the types of ray that Steve Irwin died of. That's what it sounded like. Perhaps he just worded it wrong?

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  • Steve Erwin brand? wow...thats just horrible.
  • @Lilbrobigfro only weighs about 4-5 thousand pounds....and he thought it was a manta ray lol......he's got no idea what he's talking about
  • i just logged in to insult you, u stupid fucking un-educated wife beater. Steve Irwin brand?! that man was a father to 2 very young kids... ur a dick.
  • @emeljipuroo that would be awesome, jsut one guppy in that tank lol
  • Thumbs up for 20,000 pounds.
  • i wish my gold fish could live their....
  • why does cool-aid take a freakin gallon of sugar to make
  • steve irwin was a terrorist supporter.
  • コメントが削除されました
  • thank you sir, u just provoked me into logging into youtube and commmenting: FUCKING AMERICUNTS =)

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